When in Edinburgh PG frequents ‘The Elephant House’ cafe on GeorgeIV  Bridge – launching pad for Harry Potter. He (that’s Philip Grant, not Harry Potter!) went to a school round the corner - cross the road past Greyfriar’s Bobby and go through the churchyard where you’ll find the 

gate into George Heriot’s campus! From there he crossed the Lauriston Place to the old Royal Infirmary and Medical school to study for six years. He must have done something

right ‘cos they gave him a degree and let him loose on an unsuspecting world. 

Dr George Philip began writing crime novels, following in the footsteps  of W Somerset Maugham, Michael Crichton, Tess Gerritsen, A J Cronin (who practised in Bayswater, London, next door to GP) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…also an Edinburgh graduate. After a spell at Edinburgh’s Royal infirmary he moved south to Leeds where he worked at St James’s Hospital – known by many as 

the ‘Jimmies’ of the TV documentary series. Among other specialities he worked in Pathology – "I did about a hundred autopsies – but never one on a murder victim…as far as I am 

aware!" After several years working in the Middle East he ended his working life 

 as a GP in London and began his writing career. He now lives in Spain.